Resurface, Relax, Refill…now you're beautiful.

Resurface, Relax, Refill…now you're beautiful. (Part 1 of 2)

Creating beautiful, radiant skin requires the latest skincare and treatments to resurface the skin, but how about resurfacing your life? Learn how Cindy Wilson NP finds similarity between creating beauty in your life and your skin right now! 

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Self Check!

If we are driven does that mean we are discontent?

It seems to be assumed that if you are driven you are discontent.  Because discontentment may mean a lack of gratitude for blessings or circumstances, I wanted to do alittle self-check on this beautiful day. 

First, a word check…. 

Driven - propelled or motivated by something as in results, usually having an urgent or compulsive quality

 Discontent - longing for something better than the present situation, showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing. 

After an internet search, some psychology review and careful consideration, I believe being driven has to do with "intrinsic motivation", which is the self-motivation for the process not just the prize. For example, playing a game because you enjoy the game.  

Some people, myself included, love the thrill of a new challenge, learning new skills and savoring the growth associated with it. Although I am aware of the reward, that is rarely my motivation.  

When can being driven turn ugly?  

There is also a "compulsive" component we have to be aware of. It's possible to become addicted to the urgent. When we find our time consumed with work, fitness, etc. more than anything else such as health, relationships and other values then it may be time to do a self-check.   

On the other hand, I feel discontentment is more about dissatisfaction with the prize or outcome of the game. The problem with discontentment is it can become an insidious disease of the heart, stomping out the beauty of life. Comparison and ingratitude are the fuels that feed discontentment.  

Can discontentment be pretty? When we are motivated to improve our health, relationships, oreducation because we are dissatisfied with our current status then discontentment can be healthy.  

In the end it's all about intentions and balance.  

I am grateful to have loved ones in my life that keep it real and are not afraid to ask thought-provoking, heart-changing questions.  

So what do YOU think….can you be driven and not be discontent?  

What drives you to do what you do everyday…..the process or the prize? 

I want to do something about my aging face and skin this year, but I don't want a facelift. What can I do?

Most of my clients are concerned about the aging process and the subtle changes they see over time. Hollowness under the eyes, extra skin between the nose and mouth (nasal labial folds) and lower mouth lines (marionette) are some of the common areas of concern.  

Aging is about volume loss. As we age we lose bone, muscle and fat especially in the mid and upper face. But the good news is we have a correction that is beautiful, natural and subtle in the hands of a skilled provider.  

By injecting small amounts of fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Sculptra and others we can refill the contours of the face giving the face a more vibrant and youthful look.   

One of my client's biggest concerns is "Will it look natural?" ͟ 

I believe if it doesn't look natural it doesn't look good! Since fillers are soft and moldable I am able to sculpt contours and lift that result in more beautiful, youthful features. 

It look that is you, only better.  

I love to hear the positive feedback my clients get about how "pretty" they look. Friends and family notice the improvement but can never put their finger on what my clients have had done because it is so natural and subtle. 

Second, My clients wonder if it will hurt? 

The best part about fillers is there is NO downtime, it is a lunchtime procedure. Give me an hour and I will give you 5-10 years back!  

Non-invasive facial rejuvenation like fillers and botox are so popular because they are quick, comfortable and oh so beautiful.  

At Center for Facial Rejuvenation, Lacy, my cosmetic nurse starts everyone with numbing cream and a VIP snack bar. Then I use an advanced injection technique that is both gentle and quick.  

Ice and Arnica (anti-bruising gel) are applied after the treatment and my clients are on their  way back to their normal activities.   

The convenience and comfort of facial fillers and Botox made them the most sought after procedures in the industry. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 6.6 million people received Botox and 2.2 million received fillers in 2013. 

Fillers like Voluma and Sculptra can last up to two years making them a very good investment. 

So are fillers right for you? 

I recommend you seek out a trained provider who is not only an expert in injectables but also and artist. Ask your friends or hairstylist for recommendations. Once you have made your selection check their webpage for credentials and reviews. Once in the consultation, discuss your concerns and also the improvements you would like to make.  

Resurface, Relax, Refill….now you feel beautiful!  

Love to read your comments and questions, so post them or email me at  

Oh My Aging Hands! 

Often our hands are the last area we focus on   yet the first   to show signs of  “wear and tear.” Sun damage, volume loss and thinning skin all play a part in the aging process of our hands.  Because our hands are naturally thin, usually exposed to the elements and often overlooked with sunscreen it’s no wonder they can look “old before their time.”     

When considering treatments for aging hands we can break them into two categories; resurface and refilling.   


Resurfacing can be accomplished with topicals, chemical peels and lasers. Topicals like Obagi Clear which contains 4% hydroquinone (HQ) or Skin Medica Lytera which is HQ free are inexpensive ways to lighten dark spots and uneven skin tone. The good news is they really work!   

Chemical peels are a second option for lightening sun-damaged skin of the hands. In addition, chemical peels like the Vi Peel or PCA peels can resurface the hands leaving a smoother texture.   

Lastly, lasers are an option for hand resurfacing and rejuvenation as well.  A little more costly, high-tech options like Fraxel laser can restore the skin’s luminosity and suppleness with little to no downtime.  


Since aging is really about volume loss and skin laxity, refilling the hands becomes the most effective treatment for beautiful looking hands. Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation is quickly becoming one of the most sought after beauty treatments because women are discovering the hands should be addressed along with the face and neck.   

Radiesse is made of tiny calcium microspheres and has an impressive track record for revolumizing the face. Plus, it has been shown to last up to 12-24 months. Hand rejuvenation is a  quick and virtualesslu painless procedure that takes about 15 minutes. The hands are numbed, the filler is injected and then gently massaged. Areas of depression, bony prominence and vein protrusion are softened giving the hands a fuller, more healthy look. The Radiesse then stimulates your own body to produce both collagen and elastin contributing to the long lasting effect.     

Call today to schedule your free consultation and see if a Radiuses Hand Rejuvenation is right for you. From our expert staff to our state of the art medical facility, Center for Facial Rejuvenation is "hands down" the best choice for your aesthetic needs.   


Good Melatonin Morning to You!

Do you know that cozy feeling you get as you anticipate bedtime? You’ve worked all day, rushed home, took care of everyone else and now it’s time for you to settle down for the night. You pull up your covers, snuggle in to your favorite pillow, close your eyes and the waves of slumber wash over you….ahhh , sweet sleep.  

Or maybe you’re like me and millions of Americans who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.   

Having worked 7p-7a for 5 years as a registered nurse my sleep schedule was often at the mercy of my job or mommy duties. Naturally a night owl, the night shift suited me. I was a master at staying awake for way too many hours; coffee, running the stairs and staying busy helped me remain sharp and focused during a long 12 hour shift. The 30-minute drive home was the biggest challenge. Sitting still, warm car, the hum of the road were as sleep inducing as a wild-game tranquilizer. I had tricks for that too though; loud radio, windows down, even stopping to run around my car when necessary. Sadly, there were still mornings I couldn’t remember traveling the last few miles, putting myself and others in danger.  

I developed a great talent for staying awake while the rest of the world slept and ended up breaking my sleeper!   

Now, no matter how exhausted, I tend to dread the moments after the lights are turned out.  Moments when I have to “relax, breathe, empty my mind”, “relax, breathe, empty my mind”. My knee-jerk reaction is to bolt from the bed like a 2 year old “fighting sleep”. I would much rather do something creative or productive than waste time laying in bed wishing I was sleepy. Compounding the frustration is my best-friend of 20+ years who is gently snoring 3 seconds after his eye close. He says it’s a clean conscious and good living which make me laugh and want to smother him at the same time.   

Some nights when I didn’t limit my caffeine intake that day, have too much on my mind or  just don’t have the discipline to settle down I will resort to a prescription sleep-aid.  Even a couple of milligrams helps me succumb to the night. However, the negative side effects and possible long-term consequences have me seeking a more natural way to fall asleep at night, enter Melatonin.   

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that peaks at night and helps us control our sleep-wake cycle. 20 years of clinical research (2) as shown many therapeutic uses for Melatonin supplements from a reduction in cancer cell proliferation (3) to a reduction in dementia. (4)   

Because of an impressive study linking Melatonin to improved cognitive function and protection in postmenopausal women (1 ) I had purchased the supplement over a year ago and intended to add it to my daily vitamin regimen. Now in light of my growing desire to sleep without a scrip, I decided to give Melatonin a try along with my nightly routine.   

I have to say, taking 3 mg of Melatonin about an hour before “lights out” had me hugging Sand Man again. I especially enjoyed the benefit of waking up on my own the next morning without feeling foggy.    



Disclosure: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not strictly regulate herbs and supplements. There is no guarantee of strength, purity or safety of products, and effects may vary. You should always read product labels. If you have a medical condition, or are taking other drugs, herbs, or supplements, you should speak with a qualified healthcare provider before starting a new therapy.   


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I'll drink to that! How eight glasses a day can change your life.

A client commented the other day about how dry her skin was, the aesthetician performing her facial agreed. When I asked her how much water she was drinking, she replied "just a few ounces, I don't like water".  Unfortunately, many of us feel the same way, I know I have my days where I just have to have my "1/2 cut tea", but let's talk about why a beautiful girl has to drink water!

Our beautiful bodies are made up of cells which are mainly water. To understand how important hydration is, let's look at the difference between hydrated, healthy cells and dehydrated, starving cells. The dehydrated cells on the right are disorganized, chaotic and functioning at less than optimal state. The hydrated cells on the left are smooth, organized and easily performing their functions.

Since skin is the largest organ in our body it needs the most hydration, but will only get it after our internal organs are satisfied. Skin cells that are dehydrated are like a sponge left out in the sun; it becomes shrunken, brittle and useless. However, when hydrated, our skin becomes plump, protective and positively radiant! Dehydration can affect our quality of life and well-being too.  Because the brain is 75% water, think about the effect dehydrated, chaotic cells can have on brain function. Fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, anxiety could all be related to your body’s need for water. Digestion, elimination, weight loss, and hunger are other body functions that suffer when we become dehydrated.

Your body loses water through daily functions such as breathing, digesting food and sweating. Beverages such as soft drinks, coffee and excessive alcohol can accelerate water loss through their diuretic effect.

So how does a Beautiful Girl drink more water every day?

First, we start with manageable increases. If you are currently drinking NO water then start by adding one glass with lunch or dinner. Gently increase your water intake over time.

The goal is 60-80 ounces per day.

Keep a glass of water on your bedside table drink half before bed and the rest the next morning.

I keep a glass on my desk at work and a couple of gallons of water under my desk. I can drink more when it's room temperature, no ice. Sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to eat or drink so I've actually started setting an alert on my phone reminding me to "Stop and Drink".

Pinterest has a plethora of hydration ideas; from fruit infused water to motivational quotes and pictures.

As with any new changes, educate yourself, make a plan, and then gently lean into whatever new behavior you hope to adopt. Before long you'll be on your way! What's your favorite tips and secrets for getting enough water everyday?