Self Check!

If we are driven does that mean we are discontent?

It seems to be assumed that if you are driven you are discontent.  Because discontentment may mean a lack of gratitude for blessings or circumstances, I wanted to do alittle self-check on this beautiful day. 

First, a word check…. 

Driven - propelled or motivated by something as in results, usually having an urgent or compulsive quality

 Discontent - longing for something better than the present situation, showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing. 

After an internet search, some psychology review and careful consideration, I believe being driven has to do with "intrinsic motivation", which is the self-motivation for the process not just the prize. For example, playing a game because you enjoy the game.  

Some people, myself included, love the thrill of a new challenge, learning new skills and savoring the growth associated with it. Although I am aware of the reward, that is rarely my motivation.  

When can being driven turn ugly?  

There is also a "compulsive" component we have to be aware of. It's possible to become addicted to the urgent. When we find our time consumed with work, fitness, etc. more than anything else such as health, relationships and other values then it may be time to do a self-check.   

On the other hand, I feel discontentment is more about dissatisfaction with the prize or outcome of the game. The problem with discontentment is it can become an insidious disease of the heart, stomping out the beauty of life. Comparison and ingratitude are the fuels that feed discontentment.  

Can discontentment be pretty? When we are motivated to improve our health, relationships, oreducation because we are dissatisfied with our current status then discontentment can be healthy.  

In the end it's all about intentions and balance.  

I am grateful to have loved ones in my life that keep it real and are not afraid to ask thought-provoking, heart-changing questions.  

So what do YOU think….can you be driven and not be discontent?  

What drives you to do what you do everyday…..the process or the prize?