Pout About It!

"My experience has been really interesting. I never expected I would ever have cosmetic work done. I’ve never been against it, nor did I not think I would benefit from it- I knew I could! I just never imagined I would. It has been so interesting how having my lips pouty and my brows symmetrical has made me want to take better care of myself in general. I am AVID about my face routine now. My new product is HANDS DOWN the best I’ve ever used. I think it works even better (for me) than the Obagi. Is that weird? I don’t know, but whatever is in Revision (?) is really working for me. People compliment my skin A LOT which is not something that’s ever been the case before. My body is not “perfect”. There are a million and one procedures I could have, but I don’t feel some need to correct everything. It’s not been that way at all. It’s made me love what I got and flaunt what’s new- which is also not something that I usually do. I’m really happy. I love my lips! I never imagined how much that would change my face, nor how excited I would be. I never expected it would feel-or look- this natural. My mother hasn’t even noticed, but my cousin told me she wished her lips were as “full” as mine. She didn’t know they had been enhanced. (I didn’t tell her because she’s 15 and struggling with accepting herself even though she is truly model gorgeous. Like, has been asked to model.) But that leads me to the next part of my experience.

Accepting “me for me” has been a long process. It’s taken until my late 20’s to really say I’d gotten there- or at least closer. I think there was a time I could have gotten this done and made a list of other things I needed. Not that that’s wrong, but I would have been doing it for the wrong reasons. I would have been doing this because I felt less than. That I needed to look a certain way because society says that’s pretty. That’s where my cousin is- which is why I didn’t tell her. I did this for me. Not for Philipe (though he LOVES it!) not because full lips are beautiful- but for me. Because it’s something I wanted. My self-worth didn’t change after my injections, like it would have had I done this at 24. It a vanity thing, sure. But it’s also been an amazing investment in myself, something I’m not always best at. I care so well for others but forget myself at times. It’s truly made me care more about how I care for my skin. It’s made me feel sexy without tying up my self-esteem in that. Does that make since? It’s so hard to vocalize. It’s truly been profound. A little change that’s made a really big difference.

I am immensely appreciative.


I will send you pictures tonight.


Kiss kiss!