Is this Fake for real?

I know it's tempting to purchase skincare products on the internet big value sites, but here are three reasons buy themfrom a authorized dealer like a med spa or doctors office:

  1. You get expert advice that will make the product more effective. How many products have ended up under your sink? By partnering with and expert you receive the right pharmaceutical grade skincare AND follow up care

  2. The price is not always better online. With loyalty dollars like brilliant distinctions, in office promotions and bundling discounts the price can even be less from a med spa or Doctor's office.

  3. You really don't know what you are getting. There are reports of companies in Chinarefilling empty containers with "other" productsor creating "fake" products with who knows what is in them and then selling to large online companies.  Although companies like Amazon and EBay have warnings in their policies it is up the company being defrauded to police the internet for "fake" and potentially harmful products. For example, Galderma, makers of Restylane products has recently changed their injectable syringes because of reports that the used  syringes were being illegally obtained and refilled with"other" products and then sold to consumers! Scary right?

Seek out a complimentary consultation with a trained expert who can guide you on your way to beautiful, glowing skin and it will be worth every penny!