Resurface, Relax, Refill…now you're beautiful.


Today we are continuing series about the four tenants of beauty…… resurface, relax, refill and re-suspend. In the world of beauty and anti-aging these are the four steps most all treatments fall under.

Coincidently, these are also the same steps to build a beautiful life!

We have discussed Resurfacing and Relaxing your skin and your life. Today, we'll talk about one of the most exciting aspects of facial enhancements….Refill.


 As we age we lose bone, muscle and fat and the face starts to change shape from a pretty little heart or inverted triangle to more squared or droopy....ugggh. 

 The MRI of an older female shows bone loss in the cheeks, the jaw and even the opening of the bones of the eye.

 In addition, the skin becomes lax or loose and eventually we start to see everything travel down and puddle, right?


So how do we restore this volume without looking "different" or "swollen" or, heaven forbid,  like a reality star who has had "too much work done"?






There are many different kinds of fillers on the market, but my favorite fillers are made of Hyaluranic Acid (HA). HA fillers are an aqueous gel that are basically a sugar molecule. HA is already present in your body and can be found in the fluid of your joints and your eyes. Combined with strict and septic technique, it is a very safe product .





Before and After pics...Patient was injected with 3 vials of Voluma and 2 vials of sculptra. Beautiful, Right?

Before and After pics...Patient was injected with 3 vials of Voluma and 2 vials of sculptra. Beautiful, Right?

What I love about these fillers is I can literally sculpt and shape the face, naturally restoring years of lost volume in one session.  We can beautifully restore lost volume under the eyes (dark circles), through the cheeks and even around the mouth. The best part is that everyone will notice, but no one will know!  Friends and family will say "wow, you look good, did you get your hair done? Did you lose weight?" I love to hear all the "you look pretty" stories my clients report at their 2 week follow-up appointment.






What about Refilling our lives? To create beauty in our lives we need to take time to invest in ourselves. We discussed resurfacing and relaxing our lives from negativity and business in part 1 and 2, but refilling is crucial to creating a beautiful life as well. Overtime the negativity and business of life leaves us "low". We feel that everything is "sagging" in our life and we just want to give up or give in.


It's time to self-check and make sure we are refilling our lives with things and people that bring life and beauty to our lives physically, mentally and spiritually. We need to take ownership of our choices and know that we are no longer victims. 

What area of your life needs a little lift? Are you physically meeting your goals? Mentally stimulated ? Spiritually in-tune?


Start this Monday with one or two little enhancements. My daily motto is "Pray, Love, Eat, Move", this is an easy way for me to make sure I am getting the four most important things in my day. If you are like me, once my eyes open in the mornings my days are non-stop, so it's important I have a little reminder to make sure I am living on point.


I rarely have extra time to Refill during the week, so I keep a stack of medical journals, fitness and inspirational books at my bedside. I try to read a little bit every night before going to sleep.

I love refilling with my family and friend tribe too. There is nothing better than being around people who love you just for being you to refill your love tank.


It's not always about refilling our life. The times that I have felt the 'fullest" and most "lifted"  is when I have refilled someone else's life.


How about you?

What's your favorite way to Refill your life after all a long day?