I'll drink to that! How eight glasses a day can change your life.

A client commented the other day about how dry her skin was, the aesthetician performing her facial agreed. When I asked her how much water she was drinking, she replied "just a few ounces, I don't like water".  Unfortunately, many of us feel the same way, I know I have my days where I just have to have my "1/2 cut tea", but let's talk about why a beautiful girl has to drink water!

Our beautiful bodies are made up of cells which are mainly water. To understand how important hydration is, let's look at the difference between hydrated, healthy cells and dehydrated, starving cells. The dehydrated cells on the right are disorganized, chaotic and functioning at less than optimal state. The hydrated cells on the left are smooth, organized and easily performing their functions.

Since skin is the largest organ in our body it needs the most hydration, but will only get it after our internal organs are satisfied. Skin cells that are dehydrated are like a sponge left out in the sun; it becomes shrunken, brittle and useless. However, when hydrated, our skin becomes plump, protective and positively radiant! Dehydration can affect our quality of life and well-being too.  Because the brain is 75% water, think about the effect dehydrated, chaotic cells can have on brain function. Fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, anxiety could all be related to your body’s need for water. Digestion, elimination, weight loss, and hunger are other body functions that suffer when we become dehydrated.

Your body loses water through daily functions such as breathing, digesting food and sweating. Beverages such as soft drinks, coffee and excessive alcohol can accelerate water loss through their diuretic effect.

So how does a Beautiful Girl drink more water every day?

First, we start with manageable increases. If you are currently drinking NO water then start by adding one glass with lunch or dinner. Gently increase your water intake over time.

The goal is 60-80 ounces per day.

Keep a glass of water on your bedside table drink half before bed and the rest the next morning.

I keep a glass on my desk at work and a couple of gallons of water under my desk. I can drink more when it's room temperature, no ice. Sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to eat or drink so I've actually started setting an alert on my phone reminding me to "Stop and Drink".

Pinterest has a plethora of hydration ideas; from fruit infused water to motivational quotes and pictures.

As with any new changes, educate yourself, make a plan, and then gently lean into whatever new behavior you hope to adopt. Before long you'll be on your way! What's your favorite tips and secrets for getting enough water everyday?