What do your lips say about you?

Did you know that Smiling has the ability to lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system,  and increase your lifespan?

It's True, but .....what do your lips say about you?


As we age, our lips change. Lines become more noticeable, borders that surround the lips flatten and shrink making the lips thinner and less shapely.

Over time we begin to look sad or tired despite how we really feel.

Put your best lips forward with regular exfoliation, and a lip plumper like Pure Illumination. I love the light and mirror built right in!

Want to restore lost volume or soften lines around your lips....


Bring the artistry of subtle, smooth, natural -looking lips to your life with a filler like Restylane Silk or Volbella from Allergan. In the hands of an artistic medical provider, these FDA approved fillers can change your smile and your life.

Resurface fine lines around your lips with topicals like Retin-A and a laser treatment such as Fraxel Restore.

Don’t forget .....Happiest girls are the prettiest and a smile is the most beautiful thing you will ever wear!

There are many ways to measure happiness. We can ask people “How happy are you right now?” and have them rate it on a scale. We can use magnetic resonance imaging to measure cerebral blood flow, or electromyography to measure the activity of the “smile muscles” in the face.
— https://hbr.org/2012/01/the-science-behind-the-smile