Bones over Booty!

Train Hard and eat clean for your bones not just your booty!

It's easy to get motivated when bathing suit season is in full swing and we only have a little material to hide behind right?  But hiding beneath your skin is something even more important, your bones!

Strength training with your own body weight is a great way to grow strong bones....

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Why run, Why move, Why not just chill?!?

I gave her all the usual encouragements….

From the Coach:

"You got this, you  can do anything for 3o minutes"

"The pain of regret is greater than the pain of discipline"

From the Nurse Practitioner

"you are healing your body by increasing oxygen exchange…."

"the endorphin release will decrease anxiety and depression…"

From the Yogi…..

"We've got one life, let's be fabulous with it"


I'm surprised she didn't block my number!

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Rethink Your Drink...

Love a visual illustration!

Can sugar have a negative effect on your skin? you bet! Ingesting sugar causes insulin levels to rise increasing inflammation in the cells which rapidly increases the aging where did I sit my water bottle?

#Rethink your drink

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Peels and Potions

January is a great time to get serious about resurfacing your skin. Chemical Peels are one of the most efficient, cost effective ways to keep youthful glowing skin. As we age the top layer of our skin called the stratum corneum builds up and begins to look dull. Fine lines, age spots, and scars can be softend or corrected with regular chemical peel treatments. When your licensed skin care specialist applies a chemical solution to the face, neck, declotee and/or hands, the outer layer of the skin sloughs off over the course of a few days resulting in skin that looks and acts younger.

There are many different kinds of chemical peels from superficial to mid-dermal, here are my top choices:

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Healing Nutrients: The Daily Dozen 

After studying tons of reports on the proper nutriets we need as females to maintain heatlh and vitality I have compiled the top 12. By incorporating these foods and macronutrients into our weekly diet we can heal our bodies from the onslaught of toxins we are exposed to everyday.

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