Why run, Why move, Why not just chill?!?

A friend texted last night saying she was about to take a run.

She was downtown, shoes on,  but said she'd rather be in her jammies chillin' after a long crazy day.

I gave her all the usual encouragements….

From the Coach:

"You got this, you  can do anything for 3o minutes"

"The pain of regret is greater than the pain of discipline"

From the Nurse Practitioner

"you are healing your body by increasing oxygen exchange…."

"the endorphin release will decrease anxiety and depression…"

From the Yogi…..

"We've got one life, let's be fabulous with it"

I'm surprised she didn't block my number!

But I began thinking about what motivates me to move when I really just want to chill...

What are the long-term and short-term benefits of exercising, specifically walking and/or running?


Beyond the scientific benefits of moving our body, there is instant gratification from following through with your intentions.

I love the way my skin glows, my muscles peak and toxins are pushed from my body in the form of sweat (I don't sparkle, I sweat!).

I may not look instantly more fit or toned, but I feel it!

My self-perception is improved, my choices are upgraded and suddenly I am on my way!


Most days I would rather indulge myself than push myself. but then I remember the benefits and suddenly I am lacing up my shoes.


How about you…..how do you feel after you have exercised? How do you feel when you skip it?