Food Is Not Your Boo!


No wonder many of us can’t lose weight and keep it off for good…..We are in-love with food!


For taboo addictions, like drugs or gambling, avoiding situations of temptation is part of the recovery, but for someone with a food addiction or at least a serious love affair with food, that's impossible.

Everyday we are subjected to thousands of images about food, from restaurants on our daily commute, to the pop-ups of our homepage to the commercials we watch at night; our Boo is everywhere! 


For some of us, we have elevated food to celebrity status. Like an infatuation with a lover, we think about food constantly our next meal, next snack, next restaurant.

We are addicted to the few moments of pleasure we receive from comfort “food”. All the while feeling guilty because we know we are betraying our bodies, our goals, our hopes.  Where else can you get this much satisfaction for so cheap?

You promise yourself you won’t indulge again this week, you won’t eat sweats or fried food. you commit to exercise more so you can finally slip into those skinny jeans.

Yet, the very next day your lover calls to you from a  drive through window. Your mouth begins to salivate, your stomach flips in anticipation, your unmet expectations with life assures you that you deserve this little cheat today.

The next  thing you know you’re handing over your money for a #4 like a junky getting his next fix. You're barely out of the parking lot before you peel the bag open, the warm aroma is familiar and intoxicating. You can hardly wait to draw it to your lips, the first bite is the best, isn’t it? Your passion for the now overtakes you and the food passes through your mouth with scarce acknowledgement.

Your done.

Reality sets in.

You are still in the same life, headed to the same job, with the same spouse and the same mortgage. Yes, you were able to escape for a few minutes of stolen pleasure, but now you are further from your dreams.


To make matters worse, as the caffeine and sugar race through your body, they reek havoc on your health and your future. Because of the lack of protein and good carbohydrates in your recent indiscretion, your blood sugar levels drop suddenly leaving you feeling fatigued, grumpy and craving your next fix. The high levels of fat consumed in comfort “food”  affect cognitive function as well, leading to brain fog and trouble concentrating. 


So what's a Beautiful girl to do when she finds herself in a torrid love affair with food?

How do we get a healthy relationship with something that we are constantly surrounded by and that is vital to our survival?

For me, I had to break-up with food! Yes, I really did. Food is not my boo and it can’t be yours either!


Until we see food as fuel for health and life,

we will never have the healthy, sexy bodies we long for.



I know, I know, it seems extreme to break up with food and trust me, it won’t be easy. I was the girl who hosted all the dinner parties, birthday parties and holiday functions. What do you think those centered around? Yep, food.

I was known for my desserts and their pretty presentation. I had closets full of cake plates, truffle dishes, cake pans, flan pans, cheesecake pans, bundt pans, cupcake pans….you get the picture. Food was my thang!

Despite the amount of satisfaction I received from buying food, preparing food, gifting food or eating food, it never trumped how I felt about my health, my size and my unmet goals.


Whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 200,

the pain of regret is truly worse than the pain of discipline. 


In the beginning. my estrangement from “comfort” food was palpable. I longed for the ease of my drive-through rendezvous. I was jealous of coworkers who contentedly sipped their 690 calories Venti Latte. The absence of my 3 o’clock chocolates and caffeine "thrill" left me wanton.  Sleep was hard to find because I missed having “something on my belly”.

On and on it went….

A simple trip to the grocery store felt like a barrage on my senses. I was like a recovering alcoholic rambling down Bourbon Street. Each new isle presented a fresh temptation, a new argument with myself; "Would I revert to my old habits achieving my old results or would I manage to cling to my new way of health".

Occasionally, the old me that loved powdered doughnuts and ice cream would prevail and I would arrive at the checkout counter with a half empty bag or carton and a glazed expression on my face, not a proud moment, lol. 


However, over time it has become easier and I don't miss food like I used to. I find enjoyment in simple things like my weekly meal prep, the crunch of veggies and the sweetness of fruit. I still love eating out, but am satisfied with a salad and usually splitting something with the Mr.


As I gained more control over my attachment to food, I lost weight, simple as that. There was a direct correlation.


Beautiful Practice…..

Start with a cleanse, possibly a juice cleanse for 3 days.

Learn mindfulness while you eat.

Avoid places of temptation for a time.


How about you, do you live to eat or eat to live?

I love to read your comments below…..


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