Bones over Booty!

Train Hard and eat clean for your bones not just your booty!

It's easy to get motivated when bathing suit season is in full swing and we only have a little material to hide behind right?  But hiding beneath your skin is something even more important, your bones!


Did you know that training hard and moving more will improve more than just your booty?

Bones are living tissue, flowing with fluids and nutrients like calcium and phosphorus which are vital to our survival.  Each day your muscles and nerves require these nutrients signaling your brain to make more within your bones. It's important to daily supply the body with clean eats and vitamins , restoring what is depleted.  Check out Bones Over Booty-Part II for more information about diet and healthy bones.


So how does training hard and moving more help your bones?

Muscles are attached to tendons which are secured to the bone. As the muscles contract and shorten they stimulate the bone to create more bone tissue in that area. Weight bearing exercises such as weight lifting can be one of the most effective forms of exercise a female can do.


"While it is important to strengthen bones throughout your body, the hip, spine and wrist are especially important to keep strong because they are common sites of bone fracture. Some weight machine exercises that stimulate bone growth in the hip, spine and wrist include the seated row, chest press, lat pull-down, overhead press, leg press, hip abduction and hip adduction.

Free weight exercises to focus on include single arm dumbbell rows, upright rows, back lunges, forward lunges, side lunges, diagonal lunges and squats. When lifting weights to stimulate bone growth, focus on a smooth, quick lift followed by a slow lowering of the weight. Begin with one set of 10 to 12 repetitions; when you can easily perform three sets, with breaks between sets, increase the weight." Cindy Killip, author of "Living the BONES Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to Conquering the Fear of Osteoporosis."


So what's a Beautiful girl to do?

The Surgeon General confirms in a report "By 2020 half of all Americans over 50 will have weak bones unless we make changes to our diet and lifestyle".

Strength training with your own body weight is a great way to grow strong bones.

Right now I am loving Natalie Jill. She has a great fitness story.....40's is definitely the new fabulous! 

I am always looking for programs, trainers, competitions, races, whatever to keep me engaged in my fitness. 

I love how simple Natalie makes her clean eating and workouts. She even has a youtube channel dedicated to these great little videos showing you how to exercise with your own body weight. And the best part is they are less than 5 min! 

I like to quickly watch one or two of her videos and then incorporate it into whatever exercise I am doing that day.

I was so impressed with her  4 week jump start program that I actually ordered it the other day. I can't wait to get started when I get back from Cali. 

Click on the link for more info or if you'd like to start the program with me! 


Eat clean, train hard and have Beautiful bones for life!